Spinal Decompression

Living with chronic back pain, neck pain, numbness, or tingling? Dr. Andrew Cherry at Broward Neuropathy & Wellness Center offers spinal decompression and other effective relief techniques to the residents of Hollywood, FL, and surrounding areas.

How Does Decompression Therapy Work?

Decompression therapy is a method that involves the use of a specialized table. This table is segmented to have sections for a patient’s upper and lower body and so that the lower section can move independently. The patient is fitted with a harness and lies down. The harness is then attached to the lower section of the table.

The chiropractor inputs the necessary information into a computer, which then controls the movement of the table. As the patient lies still, the lower section of the table moves very slowly to create a gentle and comprehensive stretching of the spine.

Why Is This Technique So Effective, and What Benefits Does It Provide?

The stretch provided to the spine helps get to the root of the pain and suffering, which is often undue pressure on the spinal components. Some of the many benefits it provides include the following.

Natural and Fast Pain Relief

Many cases of neck and back pain are caused by pressure on the discs and muscles, which – in turn – compress the nerves. This creates pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, and much more. Decompression therapy removes this pressure from the spinal components, allowing for fast relief without invasive techniques.

Restored Movement

Pain and various neck and spine issues can prevent us from moving fully. You might have noticed that when bending a certain way or trying to stretch your neck, your movement is limited due to pain, tension, or the feeling that something has “caught.” Decompression therapy helps remove the issue that’s preventing your full movement.

Improved Blood Flow

There are many issues that can impact how well blood flows through our bodies, and yet, everything needs proper blood supply to function well. Decompression therapy improves blood flow to the spine as well as throughout the body.

Learn whether spinal decompression is the right treatment for you by visiting Dr. Cherry at Broward Neuropathy & Wellness Center of Hollywood, FL. Call (754) 227-9640 to schedule an appointment today.

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