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If you’ve been in an auto accident in the state of Florida, you have just 14 days to visit a medical professional to document your injuries and claim your benefits.

Steps After An Accident

First Step


Secure your loved ones!

Second Step

Document Your Injuries Promptly

It is imperative to document your injuries within 14 days of the incident. Consult a dedicated physician experienced in treating soft tissue injuries, like Dr. Andrew Cherry. Delaying care may lead to the formation of scar tissue, which is weaker, more pain-sensitive, and less elastic than its original counterpart. This can prolong your recovery period. Early action can expedite a comprehensive recovery

Third Step

Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider

Florida operates under a No-Fault system. If you’re insured, you’re covered. Additionally, using the Personal Injury Protection mandated by the State of Florida will not elevate your rates

Accident Fourth Step

Review Auto Repair Alternatives

Fifth Step

Think About Legal Representation – We’re Here to Guide You

It may become essential to engage legal counsel to safeguard your rights and ensure you receive the requisite medical care for optimal healing. Some insurance providers bank on the likelihood of you not claiming all entitled benefits, putting you at a disadvantage twice over. For the most precise representation, consult us before seeking legal aid.

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Our primary aim is your well-being post-accident. Begin the journey to wellness by taking proactive measures today. For a no-commitment consultation, dial 754-227-9640 and schedule your appointment.


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